The work done by two students from Brandman brought to light some of the compensation packages of Southern California’s Public CEOs. It also led to conflicts between their university and local officials. Now a grand jury report has been issued criticizing the actions of those local government officials.

The report, which went on to receive acclaim from across the state and this website as well, was part of a political campaign for a local city council. It compiled what was then one of the largest databases of public executive pay. But those highlighted in the report, as well as some of their elected colleagues, felt that the use of MPA students in a political campaign was wrong. They went to the university, the students professor, and school officials to try to quash the report.

Those efforts were described by the grand jury as an attempt to intimidate and influence an independent program.

From the Orange County Register:

The Orange County grand jury has accused two city councilmen of “misfeasance” in a report issued Thursday, saying they misused their positions to interfere with academic freedom at Brandman University in the wake of a critical report on city manager compensation.

The two city councilmen say the grand jury got it all wrong, and came to bogus and illogical conclusions.

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