As more information becomes available, officials across Sacramento are reacting to news that the mayor’s aide used the city’s credit card to make thousands of dollars of personal purchases that ranged as far as clothes and Disneyland.

The $9,000 in personal charges appeared on the credit card of Lisa Serna-Mayorga, who was the director of constituent affairs for the Mayor. The charges, according to sources, have been reimbursed to the city. Serna-Mayorga resigned as the charges came to light.

But the bigger questions circulating around the city – which has issued some 300 credit cards to employees – are about how the charges weren’t discovered earlier. Now, the city is asking for an audit of the city’s credit cards and Mayor Johnson has lost his longtime advisor.

The city is looking into safeguards to prevent similar abuse from happening again.

From the Sacramento Bee:

City officials are beginning to react to the news that a mayoral aide resigned last week after it was revealed she allegedly racked up $9,000 in personal charges on her city-issued credit card. But questions remain on how the charges were made – and how they went unnoticed – in the first place.

City Auditor Jorge Oseguera said today that his office is expected to begin an audit of every city-issuedcredit card in September. That audit has been planned since February. While Oseguera did not know how many employees are granted credit cards, he said the cards are “used significantly throughout the city.”

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