A program that two weeks ago resulted in more than 90 arrests in San Bernardino is moving to Yucaipa, where teams of law enforcement officials are rounding up people who outstanding warrants, in possession of drugs, or who are members of gangs.

The cooperative effort involves officers from the California Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Office, local PD, as well as officers from parole and probation departments. In addition to simply rounding up criminals, the teams handle inmate intake processing in the field, allowing for efficient processing of people who are often re-entering the criminal justice system.

The SMASH program uses technology adapted from combat operations in the War on Terror. The equipment uses advanced scanners to positively identify individuals even if they have removed their fingerprints, changed facial hair, or taken other steps to conceal their identities.

From the San Bernardino Sun:

Two weeks ago, it was San Bernardino.

This time, it was Yucaipa’s turn to be targeted for a sweep by area law enforcement.

“Yucaipa has had problems in the past with the white supremacist gangs,” said sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Morrison. “And now we’re seeing heroin making a comeback in greater numbers.”

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