Last year 17 pedestrians lost their lives on the streets of San Francisco. With there already being 10 fatalities this year, the city is on a pace to surpass its previous, unfortunate record.

The city hasn’t been idle as fatalities and pedestrian collisions continue. They have dropped speed limits around schools to just 15 MPH, and have lowered speed limits in other high-danger areas. Reports show that the chance of a there being a pedestrian collision is six times higher if the speed limit is greater than 30 MPH.

Despite the fatalities and collisions, San Francisco remains ranked among the safest major metropolitan areas for pedestrians.

In total, cars have struck more than 800 pedestrians.

From the Bay

As San Francisco implements new measures to improve pedestrian safety, the number of pedestrians killed this year is on pace to surpass the death toll from each of the two previous years.

There have been 10 pedestrian fatalities this year, according to the San Francisco Police Department. There were 17 such fatalities last year and 15 in 2010.

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