Large-scale fireworks shows can inspire awe when properly executed. However, when a large-scale show malfunctions, it can be an equally awesome – if not much abbreviated – experience.

In San Diego, the Fourth of July celebration in the bay was designed to be a 17-minute firework show produced by a company that has orchestrated some of the premier events in the country. However, when a faulty signal was sent to the show’s fireworks, nearly the entire inventory of areal bombs launched and exploded in less than a minute.

The rapport of the show shook windows, set off car alarms, startling some of those in attendance. Startled turned to disappointment as after the rapid crescendo was reached, no further fireworks were launched. About 15 minutes after the scheduled start times, event organizers began apologizing for the miscue, which left thousands without the show they’d hoped for.

From the U-T San Diego:

The city’s big kaboom ka-bombed on Wednesday night.

The Coast Guard says the Fourth of July fireworks in San Diego Bay were cancelled after a “premature ignition” occurred on at least three of the four barges involved in a show produced by a New jersey company that put on huge pyrotechnics at the Olympic Games and the Statue of Liberty.

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