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The City of Davis has long been known as a bicycle friendly town. Not only does this make sense because Davis has a large college population, but it also is built into the culture of downtown and the surrounding communities. With a population of nearly 66,000, Davis may not get the national recognition it deserves, but those who are familiar with the city know the impact bicycles have had in the community.

This is why Davis will continue to plan an update to the city’s bicycle plan in the coming months. According to the staff report, the updated plan will be implementation-focused and include a package of infrastructure projects, programs, and pro-bicycle policy work in order to further improve bicycle transportation and recreation in and around the city.

Staff will meet with stakeholders to gain support for the community oriented plan over the next several months, after which the staff will be seeking City Council input and authorization to proceed with the full development of the action plan to be completed before the end of the year.

In 2017, Davis and the nation will recognize the 50th anniversary of the nation’s first bike lane. The report stated that this event presents an opportunity to plan and implement a plan that will showcase a series of world class events that proves the city’s commitment to bicycling as a cornerstone of a comprehensive, active transportation system.