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The California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS) created a campaign based on public opinion research of park usage and recreation program participation. This was designed for Local Park and recreation agencies with the goal of raising awareness of the benefits of parks and recreation throughout California. The city of Riverside jumped on board by declaring the month of July as “Parks Make Life Better! ®”month.

Riverside has always demonstrated its commitment to their community recreation parks. According to the staff report, the city maintains over 60 parks with 13 community centers that offer everything from sports to language skills to crafts, dancing and six pools.  View the report for more details. The Parks Make Life Better campaign does not have any fiscal impact on Riverside, and is beneficial on many levels.

The month of July is Parks and Recreation Month nationally. Other southern California cities such as Lompac’s Parks and Recreation are using this campaign as a motivator to get people of all ages outside and into the community. See the list of activities in Lompac here.

City Manager Scott Barber and Mayor Ronald Loveridge approved this resolution.