The story of Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies abusing power and inmates continues to grow, and with it grows a storm of controversy as other scandals come to light. Sheriff Lee Baca has faced an onslaught of criticisms over the last two years.

Last week, the Sheriff’s office drew more criticism for badges that were issued to Cudahy city officials now embroiled in a federal corruption case. One of those badges were given to a woman at a night club who was then photographed holding two hand guns. Also last week, the ACLU filed another lawsuit against the Sheriff, alleging that inmates who have been accused of abusing deputies have been denied access to evidence that could exonerate them.

Critics of Baca, and there are many, say that the department is approaching a situation similar to that which the LAPD faced in the wake of the Rodney King beating, where a decade of reforms and federal oversight improved the department. Whether or not the Sheriff’s office falls that far remains to be seen.

From 89.3 KPPC:

Jail commanders condoning the beating of inmates. Evidence withheld from inmates accused of attacking guards. A photo of a woman wearing an official-looking badge while brandishing handguns at a nightclub.

Allegations and litigation continue to dog Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, who has acknowledged being out of touch about problems in his jails and failing to reform his massive department that oversees the largest county jail system in the nation.

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