The City of Bell has been ordered to rehire a sergeant to its police force after a mediator decided his firing by former Chief Randy Adams was retaliatory and illegal under Whistle blower protections. Along with his job, the officer will receive back pay and lawyers fees.

James Corcoran raised concerns about voter fraud, abuses of power, and corruption in the city government. He was then fired by Adams, who has since been indicted as part of the Bell Conspiracy that rocked California local governments in 2010. As a result of his firing, Corcoran lost $240,000 in wages. The mediator who oversaw the case recommended paying the Corcoran about $1.6 million, but the city balked at that number. Instead the settlement was for $400,000.

Corcoran told mediators that he twice went to officials about corruption in the city. At one point, the tried to convince the District Attorney’s office to investigate. The second time he went directly to Adams who told him that he shouldn’t take his charges to the FBI, because Adams had already alerted them. He was then dismissed after 19 years on the force.

From the Associated Press:

A police sergeant from the city of Bell who was forced to retire after reporting corruption in local government has been given his job back, along with a $400,000 settlement.

James Corcoran will receive $240,000 in lost wages and $160,000 in lawyer’s fees in a settlement approved Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday ( ).

Corcoran alleged then-Chief Randy Adams retaliated when Corcoran reported allegations of voter fraud, unlawful vehicle seizures and illegal selling of building permits.

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