The City of San Bernardino filed an emergency petition for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy today. The paperwork was filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California, Riverside Division.  The City will continue to operate and provide essential service to its community while working through its financial problems under the protection of the Chapter 9 bankruptcy code.

There will be no immediate service reductions or changes in service to the community as a result of the filing.  City officials are continuing to work on the Pendency Plan that will serve as the City’s operational budget during the bankruptcy process.  Under that Pendency Plan, reductions may occur but there is no firm  idea yet as to what form that plan will take.    The City will remain committed to providing the services that are essential to its continued operation and the health and safety of the community.  Interim City Manager Andrea Travis-Miller hopes to propose a plan for the Council’s consideration within the next three weeks.  After the Pendency Plan is in place, officials will begin to develop the Plan of Adjustment that will restructure the City’s finances and bring San Bernardino out of bankruptcy on a sound and sustainable financial footing.