With less money to go around, Chambers of Commerce are feeling the squeeze as cities have been forced to reduce their contributions to the organizations’ budgets. Now, once-professionally run organizations are become more volunteer.

Much of the cut in funding resulted from the loss of redevelopment money, but the decline was already underway when redevelopment was dissolved. The Rosemead Chamber of Commerce used to receive $48,000 per year from redevelopment accounts, now they will receive $10,000 from the general fund.

In West Covina, the chamber of commerce shut its doors, opting instead to have its commerce representation handled by the San Gabriel Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. The regional agency represents eight cities. The combined approach help smaller cities maintain chamber of commerce activities where smaller organizations would likely have folded during

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

Faced with declining revenues in a still struggling economy, some San Gabriel Valley chambers of commerce are doing all they can to avoid closing their doors.

The Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce has announced that it laid off its executive director of four years, Bill Coburn, and is becoming an “all-volunteer organization.” Last year, it eliminated its administrative assistant position and moved to a smaller office.

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