The strange case of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi continues without resolution, as the Ethics Commission found him guilty of misconduct but failed to vote to remove him from office.

That responsibility – the decision whether or not to allow Mirkarimi to continue in his office – will now fall to the Board of Supervisors. Expected sometime in October, that board will hold a vote to either oust or reinstate the embattled Sheriff. It would take 9 votes on the 11-member board to officially remove him from office.

With the Ethics Commission proceedings now over, the forensic analysis will surely ensue. The Commission found him guilty of misconduct for physically harming his wife, but did not uphold many charges levied by the city’s mayor. Among the charges disregarded was that he threatened to use his “power” to take custody of his son and that he tried to intimidate witnesses.

From the Los Angeles Times:

After 10 hours of emotional public testimony and difficult deliberation, the city Ethics Commission on Thursday found that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi had engaged in official misconduct by inflicting “physical violence” on his wife during an argument and pleading guilty to falsely imprisoning her.

But at the end of the day, his fate was no clearer.

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