City Manager Ken Pulskamp submitted his letter of resignation to the Mayor and City Council, signaling the end of his 25 year career with the City of Santa Clarita. His resignation will be effective December 2012.

Pulskamp will be retiring after 35 years in city management, the last 10 years as City Manager for Santa Clarita.  He came to Santa Clarita in 1988 as the Assistant City Manager.  In 2002, he was appointed as Santa Clarita’s second City Manager.

Pulskamp, the city’s 17th employee, will be leaving the City on a high note.  Over the last four years, he successfully guided the city through the recession ensuring financial stability, continuation of programs and services for residents, lowered crime rates, and completion of major capital improvement projects. Under Pulskamp’s leadership, Santa Clarita has a 100% track record for an on-time, balanced budget with a 16% reserve fund.

Ken’s top achievements over the last 25 years include:

  • Building a new city from the ground up including hiring staff and creating a city hall.
  • Solving gridlock traffic issues in the City with the Cross Valley Connector, widened bridges and roads, and a series of “quick fixes.”
  • A public safety program with the Sheriffs that has resulted in the City’s lowest crime rate, with proactive education, enforcement and community policing programs.
  • Building a park, open space and trail system that spans the city.
  • Creating an emergency response program and training that has stood up to 11 federally-declared disasters and improved emergency conditions in the city.
  • Created a culture of transparency, ethics, public service and excellence at city hall.
  • Revitalizing Old Town Newhall, including additions of a new community center, Metrolink station, park, Veterans Plaza, streetscape, events and infrastructure.
  • Beautification projects city wide through the creation of a landscape maintenance district.
  • Creation of a transit system that services thousands every year.
  • Environmental programs and facilities that reduce waste, improve air quality and promote a healthy environment.
  • Creating a robust economic development program that has attracted new businesses, added jobs, and helped make Santa Clarita a fiscal success.
  • Under Ken’s leadership, Santa Clarita has won dozens of regional, state and national awards for excellence.

“Looking back over the last 25 years, the accomplishments that have been made have exceeded my wildest dreams. Serving this community, helping to shape its destiny, has not only been a highlight of my career, it has been a highlight of my life,” said Ken Pulskamp.