In September, the CSAC Institute for Local Government is holding two critical leadership practices highlight classes: creating change and building teams.

Leadership and Change: Practices to Move Organizations
Friday, September 7, in Sacramento – 10 am to 3:30 pm

We talk about creating sustainable change in organizations. But how does one move organizations which seem to be built to resist change? Elected officials and executives alike discuss the need for change in their organizations, yet struggle when change seems difficult to accomplish within the depths of the organization. This course helps participants move past technical solutions to the leadership necessary for approaching adoptive challenges. The class focuses on the human side of change and the leadership practices to craft change within organizations. Participants use simulations to examine and experience the change process and understand their own immunities to change. Practical discussions focus on design of a change process, practices to diagnose, interpret and select interventions, and creating an environment which fosters adaptive transformation.

Instructor Bill Chiat is the Manager and Dean of the CSAC Institute. For the last 30 years he has worked with hundreds of local agencies in crafting change.

Building and Maintaining a Team Environment
Thursday, September 20, in Sacramento – 10 am to 3:30 pm

Counties use teams as a method to get work done. Teams can be project-focused, operational, interdepartmental or intergovernmental. It takes a certain organizational culture to support teams. This course examines the culture and attributes of high-performing teams in the public sector. Strategies, tools and resources are shared along with team leadership practices, and how to transition to a team culture. Participants identify the organizational culture and group dynamics required for team success, define team roles, responsibilities and accountability, use effective leadership practices to lead and sponsor teams, and identify team mission and goals, and evaluate team performance against mission

Instructor Dr. Jerry Estenson is Professor of Organizational Behavior at CSU, Sacramento. He has spent 25 years working in various management positions leading to chief administrative and operations officer of a public agency and chief executive officer of two private corporations.

Fellows Kicks Off in September

Institute Fellows provides credentialed supervisors and executives with an advanced engagement in their continuing education. Fellows complete additional courses, share their expertise as a member of the faculty, and participate in the unique Fellows Seminar. The first Fellows Seminar is scheduled for Friday, September 26, in Sacramento.  For detailed information and registration please contact Institute Dean Bill Chiat at

Institute courses are $75/person (includes materials and lunch). Discounts apply for multiple registrations.
To register for courses or to learn more about the Institute, credential programs, and courses, please visit, or email and request an informational packet.