The reports and studies and recommendations from all levels of government have either been released or are impending. Their composite represents a real challenge not only to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, but longtime Sheriff Lee Baca as well.

The jail violence and resulting scandal has sparked plenty of controversy and criticism. In the next month, a report from the County’s commission on jail violence is expected to be released. In it, commissioners will lay out a series of reforms and suggestions for improvements. Adopting them could help Baca turn the corner on the scandal, but a combative or defiant approach could trigger significant blowback. That’s what Supervisor Gloria Molina was referring to in a Los Angeles Times article when she said that the Sheriff should be sweating “an awful lot of bullets.”

It is possible that the commission will even recommend the removal of undersheriff Paul Tanaka, whose management and leadership have largely been fingered as more of the problem than solution.

Baca has been Sheriff since 1998 and has yet to face any significant controversy, especially to this level. His personal approval continues to dominate the Los Angeles area, even if people are currently disapproving of his job performance.

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