In Nevada County, four could be come one as police departments are looking to save money by bringing 9-1-1 dispatch services under a single roof. The deal would impact the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, and the cities of Grass Valley, Truckee, and Nevada City.

Combined the three cities could save a combined $393,000 by contracting with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office for centralized dispatch services. Multiple locations, says Sheriff Keith Royal, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Technology has improved that could allow trained personnel to effectively coordinate an officer’s response to call regardless of distance.

In Grass Valley, the $163,000 savings means that the city could be able to put a clerk in the office during public hours, and as many as two sworn officers back on the streets.

Nevada City could use the $30,000 it would save to plug some of the hole left in its budget, which started $50,000 in the red this year.

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