Lawyers for the suspended San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi are pressing their case against Mayor Ed Lee, and have filed two sworn statements that they claim prove the Mayor perjured himself.

The statements reflect separate conversations involving a former Board of Supervisors president and a Building Inspection Commissioner.

Aaron Peskin, the former Supervisor, said that he was approached by a friend of Lee and Mirkarimi with an offer: quit as Sheriff in exchange for another position. The friend, Walter Wong, says that any such conversation never included the Mayor, and it was just a “thing” between him and Peskin.

The other conversation was between Debra Walker and Supervisor Chrinita Olague. According to Walker, Olague told her that she’d discussed the possible removal of Sheriff Mirkarimi with the Mayor. During his testimony before the Ethics Commission, Mayor Lee denied having discussed any potential action against Mirkarimi with any of the supervisors.

According to Mayor Lee’s people, this is the latest attempt to distract the Board of Supervisors from the larger question of whether or not to remove Mirkarimi from his office.

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