Michael Coleman is the creator of CaliforniaCityFinance.com, a policy advisor, and local finance guru. On his website, Coleman published a list of all of the local measures appearing on the November 2012 ballot.

Voters in the November 6, 2012 California presidential election will decide over 350 local measures. Among these are 235 measures seeking approval for taxes, bonds or fees, including three by initiative.

One other measure seeks to reduce an approved fire district parcel tax by initiative. This volume of local measures is quite comparable to the number of local measures on each of the last two presidential election ballots in California. In November 2008, there were 233 revenue measures including 116 school bonds and taxes. In November 2004, there were 249 revenue measures including 86 school bonds or taxes.

K-12 schools districts and community colleges are requesting a total of $11.4 billion in 105 separate bond measure authorizations for school bonds to construct facilities, acquire equipment and make repairs and upgrades. There are 25 measures to increase or extend school parcel taxes. Among the 105 non-school local revenue measures are seven general obligation bond measures and 42 special taxes and parcel taxes requiring two-thirds voter approval. There are 34 proposals to extend or increase transactions and use taxes (so-called add-on sales taxes) and 23 proposals to increase or extend non-school parcel taxes.

You can view his entire report here, or explore the other resources available at CaliforniaCityFinance.com