City of Bell furthered its reform efforts on Monday by announcing the appointment of Bell Police Department’s own, Patrol Operations Captain Tony Miranda, to the position of the Acting Chief of Police.  The new Chief will immediately fill the position vacated by interim Chief of Police Steven Belcher, who served the City of Bell during the last year.

Doug Willmore, Bell City Manager, appointed Captain Anthony Miranda to the position to lead the department during this transition process until a permanent Chief of Police is appointed.  “I am extremely pleased that Tony is willing to continue to serve the citizens of Bell.  He is a person of great integrity.  I greatly look forward to working with him as we move forward”.

Born in Cudahy and raised in the Southeast region of Los Angeles County, the new Chief has a firm grasp of the community and its needs.  During his 22-year tenure with the Bell Police Department, Miranda has served in a number of capacities, starting as a Patrol Officer in 1998, and most recently serving as Captain overseeing various departments and functions since 2005. 

“The selection of a permanent City of Bell Chief of Police is a critical component in our effort to build a good government for our community”, stated Mayor Ali Saleh.  “It is a decision that must be carefully considered to ensure our community obtains the leadership and expertise it truly deserves.  I am pleased that Anthony Miranda has taken on this responsibility during this period”.

Miranda is credited with a number of significant accomplishments during his tenure including leading the police department through the Bell Scandal of 2010, one of the most difficult periods in the City’s history.  In addition, he has worked diligently to establish bridges between the community and City Hall, using his bilingual and bicultural skill set to reach out to diverse groups.  Most recently, Miranda established the Parents on Patrol (POP) Group, a parent volunteer organization that monitors student activity in the areas surrounding school campus before and after school.  Further, he has continued to lead and grow the Neighborhood Watch Group and the Bell Police Explorers, the largest post in Los Angeles County.

“I have enjoyed working my way through the ranks of the department and if I had a chance do it again, I would!” stated new Chief of Police Miranda.  “Law enforcement is an honorable profession and I am blessed to work every day with great people in the City of Bell”.