Despite Mayor Ed Lee’s reservations about CleanPowerSF, the new all-green energy program approved by the Board of Supervisors, the program is underway. Progress was assured when the program approved by a veto-proof margin of 8-3.

The new program, which will run on a trial basis of five years, breaks a virtual monopoly held by Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco. Now, through a contract with Shell Energy North America, San Francisco residents will have access to another energy provider. This time, the energy will come from 100 percent renewable sources. The green power comes at a premium, however. Depending upon usage, the program could boost residential energy bills by as $0.55 per to $80 per month. The average cost is expected to be less than $20 per month.

Mayor Lee concerns centered around how the program will recruit its first participants. About half of the city’s 375,000 will be automatically switched into the program. They will then have five months to withdraw free of charge.

Mayor Lee’s statement that accompanied the unsigned legislation expressed concerns about inadvertently charging customers more than they anticipate, without their approval.

Because of the margin, Mayor Lee did not veto the plan. Instead, the Mayor will launch a public awareness plan to make sure that all enrolled customers are informed of the switch and their option.

The plan requires 90,000 participants to be fiscally stable.

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