After increasing public frustration by residents and serving a notice of intent to recall all five City Council members of the City of Huntington Park at the City Council meeting on October 15, 2012, Councilmembers apparently gave city attorney Francisco Leal an ultimatum: resign or be fired. Leal tendered his resignation on Wednesday.

The resignation resulted from public scrutiny that according to a press release was driven by the ongoing efforts of

Among the revelations credited to the website’s Editor were high property taxes (about 30 percent more than Downey or Beverly Hills), city deficits exceeding $9 million, alleged pay-to-play schemes, and what the Editor described as an “unjustifiably high salary of the City Attorney.”

Long-time resident Valentin Amezquita states that “if it was not because of the pressure of the residents and the media coverage on the city attorney’s salary at $40,000 + per month, it would be business as usual in the City of Huntington Park. The problem is not over with the City Attorney’s questionable resignation. The problem of the City still remains in the five remaining City Council members who have mismanaged, misled the City, and will continue to do so if not removed quickly from office.”

Karina Macias, a member of Huntington Park Citizens United, a community-based organization dedicated to bring to light the corruption within the city expounded upon the problems facing the City.

“Government without transparency means they are hiding something. Clearly the City Attorney has something to hide due to his quick questionable resignation following the pressure by the current movement for recall of the all five City Council members.”

The residents of Huntington Park are demanding a recall of all five councilmembers.