A pair of lawsuits filed by former police officers in El Monte provide some light on alleged conspiracies and corruption not only in the Police Department but in City Hall as well. The latest suit alleges that political cronies were protected from prosecution, as well as other violations of ethics and possible criminal statues.

The case between former Sergeant Brian Glick claims that he was passed-over for promotions as retribution for arresting two politically connected developers.

According to Glick’s filing, he arrested the two officers in charge of the Titan Group for embezzlement and forgery. Although charges were never filed, Glick says he was then passed over for promotions beginning in 2011.

Before being passed over for the promotion, Glick was confronted by people he says were surrogates sending a message on behalf of the city manager. They told him, in essence, to leave the pair of developers alone, or he would go down. The head of the police’s detective bureau then personally investigated him, he claims. Glick says the investigation led to the illegal disclosure of a sealed family court issue.

The first claim filed against the city by a former officer involved a Michael Providente. In that case, Providente says he was ordered to cover-up a sexual harassment charge levied against one of the Department’s civilian employees. He refused, filed a report, and was reprimanded. That case was settled for $175,000.

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