The North Tahoe Public Utility District would like to invite all residents and partners to a Project Completion Ceremony on Friday, October 26at 2 PM at the North Tahoe Event Center, 8318 North Lake Blvd. in Tahoe Vista, CA. A short presentation will take place about 2:30 PM. This event will celebrate the completion of the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area parking lot, the Secline Sewer Pump Station and the Zone 1 Water Tank and the construction season.

The Tahoe Vista Recreation Area beach and boat launch opened in July 2006, however only limited parking was included on the lakeside. The 24 vehicle with trailer pull through spaces and 41 vehicle spaces, recently completed on the northwest corner of Hwy 28 and National Avenue, will allow those wishing to enjoy the beach a safe and convenient place to park. This project is 100% grant funded by $1.432 million from the Department of Boating and Waterways, $500,000 from the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and $500,000 from the Placer County Redevelopment Agency.

The new 1.3 million gallon Zone 1 Water Tank off of SR267 at the end of Canterbury Drive serves as additional water storage for the Kings Beach community and to support wildfire suppression efforts in the event of an emergency. This tank increased the District’s storage capacity by 56% and brings the District’s total water storage to 4.8 million gallons of water, insuring water needs can be met in the height of the summer. The additional storage also allows for more efficient treatment and pumping in the District’s water system. Design and construction of the $1.4 million dollar project was funded partially by the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act with the majority funded by the District’s capital improvement funding that is included in our rates.

The Secline Sewer Pump Station rehabilitation project is the first in a ten year plan to rehabilitate the District’s four (4) main sewer pump stations along the lake shore with high efficiency pumps and rehabilitation of wet wells and the stations. These pump stations are important as they move all the wastewater along Highway 28, and then up and over Dollar Hill. These stations are the most critical and technologically advanced part of the District’s sewer system and have the highest potential for efficiency upgrades and reduction of risk of sewage overflow.

The $838,500 cost for design and construction to the Secline Pump Station began to pay back immediately. From March – September of 2012, the District has seen a 38% reduction in energy consumption at the Secline pump station from our 2011 usage due to the installation of new pumps and motors. This translates to immediate savings in operational costs. Electricity is the District’s highest operational expense following employee wages and benefits and the District is taking every opportunity to reduce our electricity consumption. Along with these pump station projects, the District has also worked with the Rural Communities Assistance Corporation to have a free energy audit done throughout the District to find other opportunities to reduce power consumption.

The North Tahoe Public Utility District provides sewer and water service to the residents of Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Carnelian Bay, Cedar Flat and Agate Bay.  The District owns, manages and maintains the North Tahoe Regional Park in Tahoe Vista which provides recreation opportunities to residents and visitors.  In addition, the District owns and/or maintains all of the public beaches in the District including Kings Beach State Recreation Area, Tahoe Vista Recreation Area, and Secline Beach to name just a few.  The North Tahoe Event Center in downtown Kings Beach is also owned and managed by the District.