The police shooting of Alan Blueford sparked protests both outside City Hall and inside City Council chambers. Now, the officer who pulled the trigger has been cleared of wrongdoing and will not face charges.

The incident report and investigation was released on Tuesday, concluding the review of the May 6 shooting where officer Miguel Masso shot and killed 18 year-old Blueford after a foot chase. During the chase, Masso claimed that Blueford pointed a handgun at him and made eye contact, which prompted Masso’s shooting.

A loaded handgun was found near Blueford’s body. Blueford’s fingerprints were found on the magazine inside of the weapon.

The public outcry over the shooting prompted protests that disrupted an Oakland City Council meeting, and was the impetus for new rules to be proposed that would limit public access to the meetings.

The family of the slain teen says that they are disappointed by the findings but not surprised.

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