Cash lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge will soon be a thing of the past, as the bridge’s Board of Directors move forward with a plan to remove the 32 toll-takers from the entrance to California’s most famous span.

Instead, motorists will have to pay the $5 or $6 tolls electronically. According to the bridge district, 86 percent of morning commuters use a FasTrak. For them, the drive will be no different. For many of the cash-only drivers – including the 300,000 tourists that use the bridge, the process will seem a bit foreign.

Drivers will have the option to prepay an account linked to their license plate, either by going into local businesses connected to the network before going through a toll, or they can settle the debt after-the-fact. Paying the toll after a crossing will be able to be done either by phone or online within 21 days. A mail bill will also be sent to the driver. Failure to pay within the 21 day window will result in fines.

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