Voters took matters into their own hands on Tuesday, placing new restrictions and tax-disincentives on medical marijuana cultivation and sales. From San Diego to Humboldt, voters cracked down on the once booming industry.

Restrictions took various shapes and forms throughout the state. Palo Alto voters decided not to allow three pot shops to open. In parts of San Diego County, voters overwhelmingly reject plans to regulate and permit the shops. In Humboldt, where marijuana grows were on the rise, voters approved an excess utility tax on any home that could be classified as a grow house. In Dunsmuir, where broad restrictions were put in place recently, a referendum on those rules failed.

Meanwhile, other states opened themselves up to greater access to marijuana. In both Colorado and Washington, voters approved recreational marijuana use.

How the federal government will react to those new laws is unclear. Here in California, there has been greater enforcement of federal laws regarding marijuana, despite local regulations.

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