When the effort to oust Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi first started, the embattled Sheriff said the only proper way to remove an elected official from office was by recall. Now that one is building against him, he says it’s political.

He’s already avoided ouster once, after Mayor Ed Lee fell two votes short of the 9 votes needed to remove the Sheriff from office. Now he says that its time for the city to move on and not pursue a politically motivated recall. That election, according to officials, could cost the City another $3 to $3.3 million.

That money, says Mirkarimi, could go to domestic violence programs. But there are some in San Francisco who say that Mirkarimi can’t be trusted, particularly when it comes to the issues associated with the domestic violence charges that coincided with the start of his controversial time as Sheriff. His detractors are seeking local laws that would bar his involvement in potential conflicts of interest. They are also exploring a recall.

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