The LA City Council has approved a new way to handle trash collection in the city over the protests of the business community. The new plan calls for 11 exclusive hauling zones instead of the current market-based approach.

The exclusive zones are being advocated as a way to reduce vehicle traffic, increase recycling efforts, and move the city towards being a “zero waste” city by 2025. But opponents say that the new program is designed to boost the power of labor and drive smaller, family-operated businesses out of the city.

The plan won approval on an 11-3 vote, with council members alluding to a series of amendments that may be considered in the coming weeks. Those amendments may exclude various industries from the new program.

Business interests say that in addition to being bad for the local economy, the new plan failed to follow the law. Specifically pointing to the CEQA and EIR requirements that were not completed, they are threatening a lawsuit or even a referendum on the program.

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