The Americans with Disabilities Act continues to plague some businesses as they face lawsuits. Unfortunately, those who seek to make money off the law, not enforce the law, can often overshadow legitimate access claims.

To help combat these excess lawsuits, one San Francisco supervisor is taking money from her own office budget, and has allocated some of the County’s resources to help cover the cost of Certified Access Reports. Those reports, which are studies performed by certified specialists, offer short-term and long-term solutions to access issues and can place a hold on lawsuits.

But at $2,000 apiece, these reports can be prohibitively expensive.

Now, $150,000 will be set aside to help underwrite the cost of doing these studies, in the hopes to help businesses become compliant. Businesses in Supervisor Carmen Chu’s district can submit an application and potentially be approved for the assistance.

If successful, the program could spread citywide.

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