As international bodies look at sub-national governments to create and implement plans to control global warming, Paris Mayor Bertrandoë is proposing to ban all cars more than 17 years old. The plan would force an estimated 367,000 to storage or the scrap yard.

The plan is the latest in a series of steps taken to control pollution and congestion caused by Parisian automobiles. Set for enactment in 2014, the ban would prevent any motorcycle older than 10 years, private car older than 17 years, or commercial truck older than 18 years from operating in the city. It was 1997 when the tailpipe emission laws were last updated.

Now, the city is looking to remain in compliance with European regulations and will examine multiple plans that include the old vehicle ban. But banning old cars could disproportionately impact poorer communities where the cost of a new-car replacement could be prohibitively high.

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