Redevelopment funds spread far and wide, and the state claw-back continues to impact even some unexpected programs. In Orange County, gang-intervention efforts were funded by redevelopment and no law enforcement officials are pleading to have their funding restored.

GRIP and TARGET, two programs that focused on Orange County’s anti-gang efforts, are set to expire unless about $4 million in funding can be found to keep them going. The programs had been described as a possible model for the state. TARGET’s mission is to arrest and prosecute gang leaders, getting them off of the streets. GRIP focuses on parents and works to help them keep their kids in school.

The County is now looking at other revenue streams to restore the funding – including taking some excess sales tax revenues. But behind the debate is the question of why Redevelopment funds were going to gang injunction projects to begin with. It’s a point that Supervisor Shawn Nelson made during one meeting. Nelson pointed towards previous Boards that allowed the money to be redirected to the law enforcement programs.

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