The odd case of the odd-ball city council has concluded as the city’s voters overwhelmingly ousted three members of the city council in a recall election on Tuesday. Those being run-out of office have made headlines with news of affairs, restraining orders, battery, and vandalism.

Along the way, the three soon-to-be-former city council members led a city down a path deep into deficits. Those who were elected into office on the recovery-side of the recall now face a deficit of $500,000 and few choices other than cuts and layoffs.

But voters had enough of the Mayor and two councilmembers. Mayor Brenda Esqueda and Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre were each recalled by a vote of about 85 percent to 15 percent. Councilmember Mario Hernandez was recalled, even though he resigned from the council in July.

Hernandez made national news last year when he declared he was Councilwoman De La Torre. His wife was in the audience at the time. Similar personal battles plagued the Mayor who was accused of having an affair with a Sergeant in the police department.

The campaign to recall the trio turned nasty at the end, as anonymous pamphlets accused challengers of drug use and child molestation.

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