Santa Monica’s high-value property may not reflect a once-modest city. But one of the two trailer parks that fall under the city’s rent-control policies may be among the last vestiges to succumb to modernization.

The City Council voted 4-2 to adopt a new policy that would replace the Santa Monica Village Trailer Park with a new, high-end condo and apartment complex. But to do so would requiring razing the park and evicting 47 tenants from their SUV-sized motor homes. That has the whole plan facing possible legal action.

The developer of the new multi-purpose development has offered concessions to those who would be displaced. Offers have included new mobile homes, honoring current rent prices for new apartments for up to 5 years, and $20,000 in cash. But residents are not willing to sell what they describe as their Fourth Amendment rights.

Others simply don’t trust the developer to follow through.

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