Suits and settlements are an unfortunate inevitability in governance. However, the LAPD seems to be losing a number of high-profile and high-cost cases recently, with the latest judgment cost another $2.8 million.

The settlements have started to ruffle the feathers of the public and city officials, as millions continue to be spent during the ongoing fiscal challenges.

The latest case came from a previous, multimillion-dollar judgment against the LAPD. In that case, Officer Pedro Torres testified in support of a fellow officer who claimed that a station manager used racist language towards officers. After the case was decided for the plaintiff, Torres was suspended for his handling of a kidnapping case. He said it was retribution.

While six- and seven-figure settlements continue to make public headlines, the LAPD is working behind the scenes to find a new way to track the source and outcomes of these sorts of claims, and is working to correct behaviors that have already cost so much.

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