Fresno is joining Kern and Stanislaus Counties in protesting the current funding mechanisms for the state’s realigned prisoners. The current formula left Fresno County receiving less than half as much funding per offender than Bay Area counties.

The state turned over funding allocation authority to a committee the California State Association of Counties. That nine-member committee of County Administrative Officers had previously based county funding on a formula that focused on the number of offenders shifted to local responsibilities. However, some counties objected, saying that too much was given to support incarceration and not enough support was given to other programs.

So when the second round of funding was released, it left counties like Fresno – where transferred offenders has already exceeded state estimates – receiving less than they felt was their fair share. Their $12,176 is less than the $14,352 state average, and is less than half of the $25,811 given to the Bay Area Counties.

Funding was up from the previous year.

Fresno took up a resolution demanding more money at their Tuesday meeting. Similar resolutions have already been passed in Stanislaus and Kern.

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