One of the major initiatives adopted and driven by Orange County’s District Attorney is under scrutiny countywide, and is in a full retreat in some of the cities. So far only one of the 15 cities that approved the so-called “Pervs-in-the-Parks” ordinances has repealed their law.

Tony Rackauckas spent much of last year encouraging cities in his county to approve an ordinance that would ban registered sex offenders from entering or using public parks. However, one such offender sued saying that the ordinance violated his rights, ran in contradiction to state law, and created an unfair level of confusion. The courts agreed.

Now, Lake Forest has rescinded its ordinance, despite the heated exchange between members of the council and Rackauckas. The County has stopped enforcing the ordinance, citing county counsel advice.

But Rackauckas says that the counsel is wrong on the legality of the ordinance, and has vowed to keep fighting.

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