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The Town of Yountville is reaping the rewards of a willing community of volunteers that continues to demonstrate passion for the arts. Out of a population of just fewer than 3,000 people, a group of volunteers emerged in 2009 that have desired to focus on arts and cultural activities. This group is now the Yountville Art Committee.

According to the staff report, the Art Committee took on a substantial role in identifying and creating programming and activities for the community. This body of volunteers are considered “quasi-staff” support role that are providing support that would otherwise not occur because of staffing constraints.

The mission of Yountville Arts is to provide vision, leaderships, inspiration and support to artists and their art in Yountville. The Committee has been supported by the Town Manager’s Office, Parks & Recreation Department, while the Mayor, John Dunbar has been an active liaison and volunteer with the group. If approved by resolution, Yountville Arts will serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Council and staff in matters pertaining to the cultural arts but not limited to the development of visual, performing and literary arts and other matters as may be referred to the Commission by the Town Council or Town Manager.

The Yountville Arts Committee has had considerable success in its short history. As a result of their work the Town Council has adopted two significant public policies and ongoing programs related to establishment of the Yountville Public Art Walk and the Gallery @ the Community Center.

In addition they were instrumental in the fundraising effort to bring the sculpture Chaos Pamplona to Town, create a literary program with book club and mystery writer authors panel, produce 4-6 art shows as a part of the Gallery @ the Community Center, partner with NV Museum, produce a number of artist reception open houses, and provide input and direction on the fundraising and expenditures of the Town Art Fund.

This proposed Commission has a unique characteristic in which it serves and functions as a formal policy and action taking body as well as a “working committee”.

Current active Yountville Arts Steering Committee members include Ronda Schaer, Kim Cook, Nancy Gates, and Rob Anglin. Considerable contributions towards the success of the Yountville Arts Committee were also made by Judith Caldwell and Rob Wennerberg. If approved by the Town Council, the Town Clerk would begin advertising and announcing the openings on the Yountville Arts Commission with a deadline at the end of January 2013. It is anticipated that interviews and appointment would be held at the first or second February 2013 meeting. In the interim the Yountville Arts Steering Committee would continue in its current manner working with staff