Stockton may have gotten a bad reputation after making Forbes’ Worst Places to Live list, and declaring bankruptcy, and fighting a crime wave; but not everyone is resigned to only bad press. A group of locals have banded together to tell the whole story, including what is right about the Central Valley city.

The group, Stockton Forward, has combined some of the most recognizable institutions and business people in Stockton, including the University of the Pacific and the Spanos Companies. Together, with the community, they will not only work to empower Stockton’s residents to participate in moving their city forward, they are hoping to garner national attention for what Stockton has done right.

Naturally, most of the media’s attention is pulled toward the bankruptcy, but helping increase recognition for the business climate and spirit of Stockton’s residents could help the city emerge from its current bankruptcy stronger, and a better place to do business.

Part of the Stockton Forward effort is to convince renowned documentary film maker Morgan Spurlock to cover the positives in the community when he films a series for CNN.

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