The size, scope, and faces of Chico’s City structure may be changing, and soon, under a plan revealed by City Manager Brian Nakamura on Tuesday. The plan calls for consolidating the current 12 departments into just five.

The move, which Nakamura has been talking about since he was hired, is a ‘right-sizing’ measure for the city, where the governmental structure grew beyond a sustainable level. Under the plan, which could be implemented this fiscal year, roles and responsibilities would be reassigned and staffing levels would be adjusted accordingly.

The plan received preliminary support by a majority of the council, some of whom had expressed their anticipation of the restructuring efforts. The total savings opportunity of the citywide restructuring is not yet available, but Nakamura is reportedly planning to release figures for Tuesday’s council meeting.

After a consolidation, the five remaining departments will be: police, fire, public works, community development, and administrative services.

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