Beginning in February 2013, the City of West Hollywood will integrate a new streamlined and environmentally friendly way to recycle street-side trash. In order to create better efficiency in capturing recycling materials, the City will implement a one-can recycling system along commercial streets.  Thirty-one blue and white recycling cans will be phased out of use along Santa Monica Boulevard from Robertson Boulevard to Fairfax Boulevard and all recycling will be generated from existing silver colored street-side trash receptacles to create ease of use and consolidate recycling efforts.

After street-side trash is picked up from trash receptacles it undergoes a lengthy process including being pre-sorted automatically and by hand; paper is sorted according to grade; containers are sorted according to grade; and finally the processed recycled materials are baled for transport and either transported overseas or shipped to a domestic mill that will break down and re-purpose the material. More than 85% of the City of West Hollywood’s regular street-side trash is recycled and re-purposed.

Once the new, one-can recycling system is implemented, all street-side trash receptacles citywide will receive a label informing users that “More than 85% of the City of West Hollywood’s Street-Side Trash is Recycled.”