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The Stockton city council established the Stockton Tourism Business Improvement District in 2010 to promote the city as a business, sports, conference, and visitor destination.

A December 2012 staff report shows the city approved a $1.1 million 2013 Annual Operating Budget and a four percent per night hotel fee as proposed by the city’s Convention and Business Bureau for marketing and promotion. The report stated an increase in total revenue of $284,430 from FY2012. Some of the strategies to increase tourism in Stockton include targeting hotel business opportunities, increasing marketing of hotels, implement a “Tourism Ambassador” program, and increase distribution of the Stockton Activities guide. The council believes moving forward with this strategic plan in 2013 is advisable with the past years success.

By continuing to educate and promote a strategy of familiarizing the community with all that there is to offer, the city will continue to expand its outreach. Other notable special events include Stockton Restaurant Week which kicks off the third week of September and the Annual Tourism Lunch that celebrates the impact of travel on the surrounding region.