Hometown pride isn’t always an abstract concept, in some places its all there really is. Without a town hall, municipal complex, or formal government structure, keeping communities alive can fall to some devoted activists.

Montalvin Manor is one of those places. Home to about 3,000 people, the unincorporated community has a six-decade history, much of which was experienced first hand by one de facto community leader, Bob Van Bibber.

Van Bibber moved to Montalvin Manor in 1958 and has called the community home ever since. He’s been an outspoken advocate for the community on issues ranging from infrastructure to land rights to a public park. And his continued advocacy has paid real dividends for his neighbors. It was his testimony, for instance, that resulted in major improvements in storm water and flooding issues.

He has also worked with county supervisors to ensure that sidewalks are repaired, roads maintained, and police coverage (while not great) is maximized.

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