Ray Nagin, who was a political novice in 2001 and rose to local fame in 2002 with his election to the office of  New Orleans Mayor, became a national figure in 2004 with his role in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now, he may be on his way to infamy.

Nagin was indicted on charges that ranged from bribery to wire fraud, filing false tax returns, and money laundering. The case, which has been ongoing and only recently expanded to formally include the ex-mayor, has already resulted in guilty pleas by his former city officials.

The charges allege that in the aftermath of the Katrina disaster, Nagin accepted more than $220,000 in payoffs and perks from two contractors. In exchange for the illegal perks, Nagin allegedly steered city contracts to their companies.

In total, Nagin faces 21 federal charges.

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