The Los Angeles Police Department is now larger than ever before, breaking the 10,000-officer mark for the first time in its history. The milestone was reached by the recent transfer of sworn officers from the General Services Department into the LAPD.

The milestone was part of Mayor Villaraigosa’s platform from his campaign in 2005, when he promised to hire 1,000 officers and put the department over the 10,000 mark. His efforts were slowed by the down economy, but he still managed to help the department by about 800. Critics point to the move as a publicity stunt, as the newest officers will continue patrolling city buildings, just as part of the LAPD.

The gains made to the department’s staffing levels are endangered, according to the Police Chief Charlie Beck. On the March ballot is a half-cent sales tax measure. Should that fail, budget constraints will result in a loss of about 500 officers.

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