The parties have agreed to appointing a police compliance director in Oakland, but no agreement has yet been reached on who that should be. The City and opposing attorneys both supplied their slate of candidates, but no individual received approval by both sides.

Ultimately, the decision to appoint the compliance director – who will have broad powers to work with the Oakland Police brass and can supersede their authority in certain areas – will fall to the Federal Courts. However, Judge Thelton Henderson had given the two parties the opportunity to recommend candidates, if agreed upon by both parties. That list has thus far failed to materialize.

Judge Henderson, however, is not bound to appoint anyone from their list, and can draw independently on other individuals to take the reins as the Federal Compliance Officer.

The appointment of the Federal Officer represents a large abdication of authority by the Oakland Police Department, which has been struggling to implement some of the reforms that were ordered as a result of the Riders case. The Compliance Officer will have the authority to oversee reforms, order expenditures up to a certain dollar limit, and make staffing adjustments if necessary, The Officer could even fire the Chief and demote his deputies.

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