The largest union in Sonoma County is preparing to strike in February after months of negotiations have stalled. The union, which represents nearly half of the County’s employees, has borne a great deal of responsibility for balancing budgets through the past five years.

Now, the Union is looking to have some of what it lost restored as the economy emerges from the recession. But the County is weighing its options, which the Union has interpreted as not negotiating in good faith. Other expenses, aside from raises or eliminating unpaid furloughs, include a backlog of road repairs, an underfunded pension system, and capital improvements.

It’s possible the courts could be asked to intervene on the planned one-day strike, set to take place on February 28. Some materials used to spread the message about the upcoming strike described the walkout as a ‘game changer’ in the ongoing negotiations. Strikes that are designed to interfere with the bargaining process are a violation of state law. However, the union claims the walkout has to do with unfair labor practices.

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