San Diego Mayor Dan Filner may have said his war with local pot shops is over, but the US Attorney for San Diego will continue to go after businesses and individuals who violate the Controlled Substances Act. Her authority and guidance comes from the President, not from local wishes.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy didn’t close the door on holding future conversations about enforcing federal statutes in San Diego, but shows little interest in relenting on a campaign to crack down on people who sell marijuana – a legally controlled substance. Enforcement by local, state, and federal officials has caused the closure of 90 percent of San Diego’s medical marijuana facilities in recent years. Now, only about 10 operate in the city, instead of 200 that operated in 2011.

According to Duffy, federal enforcement has focused on large operations that sell marijuana for a profit, not individuals who appear to use it for medicinal purposes. State law allows for medicinal marijuana, while federal statutes do not.

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