The police officers association in Calexico has held another no confidence vote regarding leadership in the City’s police force. In May of 2011, votes of no confidence were held for the City’s two lieutenants; this time it was held for the chief.

It is the official position of the police officers’ association that Chief James Neujhar’s lack of proactive actions, favoritism, and inability to control his subordinates has degraded the department’s morale, cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars, and led to a collapse of established protocols. The vote called for new leadership for the department.

“With our vote of no confidence we feel that Chief Neujhar is not salvageable and request new leadership to redefine the Calexico Police Department’s ethical and professional standard,” wrote Rudy Alarcon, the president of the local POA.

One of the points raised by the police officers is the actions taken by the City’s two police lieutenants. Already subjected to a vote of no confidence, they remain in their positions. In other cities, or with other leadership, officers accused of similar behavior are either demoted, reassigned, or fired.

But the chief sees it different. Given the tools he has, he defended not only his leadership but their combined efforts to improve the city.

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