The State Controller John Chiang launched an updated website showing compensation for public employees across California. The site – – offers maps, search functions, and custom report-building tools. It also allows users to download raw data for their own research. The most recent update includes 2011 wage data from various local “special districts,” including Land Reclamation, Levee, Hospital, Water, Police, Fire, Transit, Transportation Planning, and Waste districts.

The update includes data from nearly 1,500 districts, covers approximately 99,500 positions and a total of $5.42 billion in wages.

The Controller completed an overhaul of the public pay website in late 2012, adding additional search, browse and mapping functions. The Controller also updated the wage figures for employees of the State of California and the California State University System, as well data for community college districts.

For the posting, 167 districts did not file in time, or filed incomplete records. The total compliance rate for today’s update was 89.8 percent.

Those visiting can:

  • View compensation levels on map graphics, and search for compensation by region
  • Develop charts, trend-line and trend graphs
  • Quickly see lists of top earners at cities, counties, and other local governments
  • Generate side-by-side comparisons of local government payrolls
  • Create local agency summaries
  • Export custom reports or raw data from the site

A series of video tutorials also are available to guide users through the new site’s interface. The site currently includes compensation data for 1.5 million positions at cities, counties, higher education institutions, special districts and state departments.

Since the site’s launch in 2010, it has registered more than 6.2 million page views online. It is the most comprehensive wage data site of any state in the nation.

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