A $7 milkshake has provided some drama for Atwater’s Mayor Pro Tem, Craig Mooneyham. According to a police report, the milkshake in question precipitated a verbal altercation involving Mooneyham that resulted in a misdemeanor charge.

According to the report and witness statements, Mooneyham responded poorly when the clerk charged him $7 for a milkshake, which included a $1.50 upcharge for toppings. Allegedly, when his tone turned uncivil, a bystander intervened, at which point Mooneyham threatened him with violence.

Mooneyham then left the scene, telling the local paper that he intended to remove himself from the situation. But witnesses said he was acting intoxicated and smelled of booze.

When police officers reported to Mooneyham’s residence to take his statement and interview him about the incident, they found him wearing boxers, a t-shirt, and socks. After putting on pants, he refused a field sobriety test and barricaded himself in the residence, refusing to answer more questions.

The misdemeanor charges could hamper future political ambitions and carry as much as a 6-month jail sentence. Local authorities also turned the case over the DMV for a possible suspension of his driving privileges.

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